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diaLIMS - flexible software for doping analysis laboratory diaLIMS - flexible software for doping analysis laboratory

diaLIMS – Laboratory software for doping analysis

diaLIMS is a comprehensive software solution which is suitable for laboratories of different industries. However, we have developed a particular strength in the support of laboratories for doping control analysis.

diaLIMS supports every process in the doping control laboratory and concentrates on the performance of routine tasks. Numerous functions are integrated for this purpose. But even individual processes of the respective laboratories can be flexibly integrated in diaLIMS.

The WADA conforming, safe and simple documentation of samples from different matrices is fully guaranteed with diaLIMS.

diaLIMS for the doping analysis – Features overview

  • Support of the whole process in a doping control laboratory - from sample receipt to invoicing
  • Focus on speed and efficiency in the sample reception
  • Management of urine, blood and serum samples as well as special samples from a wide spectrum of fields
  • Rules and regulations simplify the management of routine test menues
  • Labelling of samples and aliquots
  • Comprehensive and individual administration of organizations (TA, RMA, SCA and others), sports, disciplines and analyses / screenings
  • Documentation of all sample movements in the laboratory
  • Storage location management for frozen A and B samples, also in long-term storage
  • The Aliquot Chain of Custody can be digitally documented. 
  • Transparent and secure documentation of B-samples and confirmation-analyses
  • Traffic light system for positive, suspicious and negative findings
  • Detailed documentation of positive findings, declaration of any number of detected prohibited substances
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • Support in the creation of DocPacks
  • Supports export to ADAMS, diaLIMS.adsx and other systems
  • Import functions for measuring results
  • Management reports and statistics configurable
  • A dashboard function for a daily overview of laboratory key statistics
  • Comprehensive authorization system for access control
  • Logging of data changes in the audit trail 

Secure documentation in every section

diaLIMS is a professional data management system in which particular attention is paid to the reproducible documentation of information. However, data inputs can be made quickly and should be clearly displayed. Dialogs help the user to enter data in many occasions. Wizard dialogs and macros simplify tasks that need to be performed regularly - including necessary plausibility checks.

To restrict access to certain data, we provide a flexible and configurable authorization system. Changes can only be made if the respective employee is approved for the area of work or the analysis method. If necessary, only department heads have to confirm every analytical result.

A configurable audit trail system allows data to be traced system-wide - including user, time stamp and before/after value.


Sample movements and sample storage

The paths taken by a sample through the laboratory can be precisely documented in diaLIMS. The first step is to describe the routes of the incoming shipments and later the processing and storage of individual samples (A- / B-sample, aliquot). The position of each sample can be determined precisely by the integrated storage management. The path of a sample can be traced in detail from the receipt to its potential long-term storage and disposal. 

Export functions: ADAMS and diaLIMS.adsx

Various export functions are available to support reporting for positive, atypical and negative samples. An interface to ADAMS makes it easy to upload sample batches of any size into the WADA online-portal. You can choose between complete transfers (taking into account the requirements of the current technical documents), updates (e. g. after confirmation analyses) and transfer of blood pass information. diaLIMS.adsx (Anti-Doping-Sample-eXport) is an independent export format within diaLIMS, which can provide data for TAs that are not connected to ADAMS.

Import of measuring values

Measured values can be imported in diaLIMS via a configurable standard import function. Files are processed in Excel format. The structure is only roughly defined. Various settings can adapt the import function to the file format provided by the lab.

This allows the laboratory to connect any number of analyzers to diaLIMS via a single interface.

Additional logic within the interfaces (recognition of valid measurements in blood analysis, indication messages when gender-specific limiting values are exceeded in the steroid profile, etc.) can be implemented individually in the import functions. 

Extensive know-how at dialog EDV

diaLIMS has been used for more than ten years in a renowned WADA-accredited doping control laboratory. Regular changes in this environment - through optimization and modification of laboratory internal processes or updated technical documents - are a matter of course for us and are supported in diaLIMS as fast as possible.

Our particular strength is project management. Project managers and developers are thoroughly familiarized with the complex subject of doping analysis and the special characteristics in this environment. The specific vocabulary of the WADA environment is just as familiar to us as the processes from sample collection to the procedure of certain screening methods. In this way, we always guarantee optimal consulting for the implementation of processes and the development of extensions in our software.

New requirements for data transmission to the ADAMS can always be realized at short notice due to the existing contact to the software developers of WADA in Canada.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us.

Benjamin Schöneck

Project manager

Email: Benjamin.Schoeneck@dialog-edv.de
Telephone: +49 511 985940-23