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Your diaLIMS data in the web browser Your diaLIMS data in the web browser

diaLIMS Dashboard: Keep the overview!

Countless pieces of information from different areas of the company converge in diaLIMS.
Often, a clear evaluation of this data is a major challenge:

The diaLIMS dashboard is an application in the web browser that is designed to prepare important information for you - in an
appealingly and clearly. Status data and management information can be compiled in tables or various diagrams in widgets that can be configured in different ways. The data comes directly from the diaLIMS database and is therefore always highly up-to-date.

Thus, it is not necessary to start the diaLIMS client and actively search for information. The diaLIMS dashboard actively provides
you and your colleagues actively with compressed data that helps you to react to unexpected situations or to improve your processes.

diaLIMS Dashboard - Feature overview

diaLIMS Dashboard - Feature overview

  • Access to diaLIMS data in the web browser
  • Different display formats
    • Clear tables
    • Line, bar and pie charts
  • Different widgets
    • Evaluations via diaLIMS queries
    • Representation of control charts - process monitoring or AQS
  • Precise rights control
    • Selection of allowed login users on the dashboard
    • Precise control of who gets to see what information
  • Internal or external access - employees or customers
  • Easy setup for new users
    • Views and widgets can be preconfigured


Widgets are configurable evaluations that can be displayed in the diaLIMS dashboard. A widget is supplied with the required data directly from the diaLIMS database. You determine by configuration in which way these data should be displayed in the dashboard: as a clear table or in chart form. Control charts from process control (SPC) or analytical quality assurance (AQA) configured in diaLIMS can also be displayed as a widget in the dashboard.

Widgets can be moved and resized in your personal dashboard by drag&drop, thus creating an optimal overview. Once prepared, widgets can be saved as a template and are thus also available to other users.

Secure access

Secure access

As with the diaLIMS client, a login with user name and password is required for the dashboard. Which users can access and log in to the dashboard is controlled by the diaLIMS user management. Thus, existing diaLIMS users can be additionally authorized to use the dashboard just as non-diaLIMS users can be granted exclusive access to the dashboard.

The detailed permission system can be used to define exactly what information a dashboard user can view. The control is done individually per user or collectively via user groups.

Application example: Status data in the laboratory

Application example: Status data in the laboratory

How many samples are still scheduled for today? How many samples that have to be completed today are still in progress? For which samples is only the test report still missing? And is that difficult analyzer finally back in control or are we heading for the next intervention limit overrun?

With the diaLIMS dashboard on a monitor in the lab, you can keep track of the upcoming workload and take care of the right things in the right order. In addition, you will no longer be surprised by unexpected situations, because the development of critical processes can be followed virtually in real time.

Application example: Weekly meeting

Application example: Weekly meeting

In which articles do most of the limit value exceedances occur? In which area was there an increased number of samples and what is the forecast? Which annual interval analyses are due in the next few days and which test equipment needs to be tested soon?

Meetings are quicker to prepare and more efficient when the required data is automatically provided in the diaLIMS dashboard. Talk to your team about numbers you can rely on and make the necessary decisions based on them.

The diaLIMS dashboard can be displayed in any meeting room via beamer or on a TV, or permanently shows required management data on a monitor in the production area.

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