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diaLIMS-MobileApp diaLIMS-MobileApp

Mobile laboratory management - always and everywhere

Take advantage of the many benefits of our diaLIMS MobileApp!
Thanks to our mobile LIMS, you have access to your diaLIMS system at any time while on the road, as well as the option of convenient data acquisition in the field.

Connect to your lab quickly and easily on the go via smartphone or tablet.
Data acquisition is also possible without internet access. Data is synchronized as soon as internet is available again.

Feature overview

Feature overview

  • Avoidance of double entries or manual records on forms
  • Appointment overview - with address data and navigation via address
  • Online and offline mode - with automatic synchronization
  • Use of all smartphone/tablet functions (e.g. GPS or camera) for recording measurements
  • Barcodes & photos - easy scanning and photographing
  • Capture of required on-site measurements - lab sees processing status immediately
  • Capture of all relevant information for sampling
  • Signature fields for finger and pen input
  • Android app (Apple iOS in planning)
The customizable app for diverse application areas

The customizable app for diverse application areas

For mobile devices, we provide special applications that are stored on the device as a stand-alone app.

Our MobileApp supports you, for example, in recording drinking water samples for legionella testing in apartment buildings or in recording feedback from production directly at the production machine.

With the app, you have all warehouse bookings conveniently and clearly at a glance and the recording of incoming and outgoing goods in the warehouse takes place quickly and clearly.

Inspection equipment checks, sample or production releases can be carried out directly on site and on the go.

Even the recording of tastings and sensory tests can be done via the tablet.

 Application example: Mobile sampling

Application example: Mobile sampling

The sampling procedure with our MobileApp is simple and efficient.

The laboratory first creates a sampling order via diaLIMS.
In the process, the order and sample are assigned to the sampler.
The entire preparation of the sample collection, including the preparation of the
of the vessels and labels, can be performed using diaLIMS.
Afterwards, the sampler can drive directly to the sampling site.
He is assisted with route planning using the mobile device's apps.

Sampling and recording of on-site parameters are done in the app and
replacement samples can also be recorded manually directly in the app.
With the help of a barcode scanner, the sample containers can be easily registered later in the laboratory.

You can add your signature digitally at any time via the app.

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