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The flexible LIMS for research laboratories

With diaLIMS, we offer a professional solution for all activities and processes relating toformulation development and formulation management. From the development recipe to the end product, the system accompanies you throughout the entire process. Our system helps you to develop, record and manage formulations more efficiently and ensures the traceability of all changes and versions so that correlations remain traceable at all times.

Feature overview


  • Simple recording and management of development and production recipes
  • Version management
  • Overview of all test variants
  • Logging of weights directly in the recipe or via documented approaches
  • Structured definition of process steps and instructions
  • Control of quality parameters
  • Validation and release management
  • Simple and fast exchange of raw materials


  • Calculation of recipe properties via raw materials and sub-recipes
  • Cost price calculation
  • Automatic conversion between solid and liquid ingredients using density formulas
  • Automatic mixture optimisation
  • Calculation of molar masses
  • Calculation of active factors

Analyses & reporting

  • Hierarchical visualisation of all partial/sub-formulations
  • Cost evaluation and capacity utilisation analyses
  • Label printing, barcode support
  • List evaluation, creation of laboratory reports
  • Production log with display of deviations and tolerance violations

In addition:

  • Project management
  • Task planning, resource planning, work records
  • Laboratory batch management
  • Support for national and international guidelines and standards
  • Module for product management (REACH/GHS-compliant)

Develop recipes clearly

Storing hundreds of development recipes and archiving them in a manageable way is no easy task. Our business software is multifunctional, easy to use and supports you in your research work.

All development formulations created can be archived in diaLIMS so that they are quickly available for future use and research.

Develop variants of a development formulation and conduct research as you wish within a clearly organised framework. You can display the recipe variants conveniently and clearly in the hierarchical variant tree. This can be nested as deeply as you like, making it easier for you to document and keep track of complex test series with many test formulations.

A clear overview is maintained even for very large projects with many recipe variants. Individual components or process steps can be varied and the resulting product properties can be clearly analysed.

Test documentation

In the area of recipe development, our system offers flexible options for the composition of properties, components and process steps. Complete recipe maintenance is possible, which defines the entire production process with process steps that can be parameterised as required.

In the programme, you can display all the necessary specifications in a convenient tabular overview. This gives you a convenient overview of the composition of each recipe with all ingredients and properties, including process instructions.

Declarations according to LMIV

In the area of product development in the food industry, everything is regulated by the Food Information Regulation (LMIV). The system also supports you in complying with the regulations.

For example, use the automatic nutritional value calculation to complete specification data sheets with vitamin quantities, fat content and calorie values.

diaLIMS helps you to automatically calculate different types of declaration quantities based on the individually entered recipe information, to enter specification data and to generate declaration texts that comply with the official typographical specifications. The texts can be generated in various forms and printed as PDFs.

Based on the data from the recipe, the values of the ingredients are automatically calculated and raw material groups are summarised.

You can also select allergens from a comprehensive list including detailed descriptions. The predefined presentation format of allergens is also taken into account.

And even more

The system also supports you in the creation of safety data sheets and the maintenance of dangerous goods and hazardous substance data.

The ChemGes industry standard can be connected via an interface in order to obtain a legally compliant hazardous substance categorisation. Hazardous substance information for raw materials can be stored directly and is displayed by the programme as warnings.

Properties, application notes - all hazardous substance information and data on hazardous substance categorisation can be stored in the system.

Calculate the cost price of your formulation and check it against the internal specifications. You can also compare the formulation with authorisation lists from other countries to check the use of a new product abroad.

Use the practical tree view to summarise the ingredients used. This can be used for both development and production formulations to easily visualise the total quantities of ingredients contained.

The diaLIMS fully supports you in the transition from the development formulation to the production formulation. Use the production formulation management - change quality parameters, create new versions, have specification data calculated automatically and much more.

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