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Our quality assurance measures Our quality assurance measures

The quality standard of our software

By performing manual and automatic tests, early error analysis and the associated validation of existing functionalities, our quality assurance
existing functionalities, our quality assurance helps you to implement your desired system adaptations.

We invest the necessary time in our product to be able to guarantee the high quality of our software and to achieve a high acceptance by our customers and users. Our quality assurance ensures that the usability of the software is optimal and that the professional requirements are applied and supported in the best possible way, thus achieving a significant benefit for our customers. This not only ensures user satisfaction, but also saves costs and time in the laboratory departments and application areas.

Our quality at a glance

Our quality at a glance

  • Quality testing by ISTQB-certified software testers 
  • Verification of complex customer-specific adaptations
  • Execution of comprehensive manual and automated tests
  • Component, integration, system and acceptance tests
  • Error analysis and error reporting 
  • Validation of existing functionalities
  • Development of process optimizations
Quality assurance with certified software testers

Quality assurance with certified software testers


dialog EDV has its own department which is fully dedicated to the quality assurance of our software.

The main task of the quality assurance area is to check all functional enhancements and system improvements against the technical requirements.

Regardless of whether it is diaLIMS, diaLIMS dashboard, our sampling app or web services - our certified software testers test the finished product and follow the guidelines of the ISTQB - International Software Testing Qualifications Board. 

As a matter of principle, our company supports all employees across divisions in training and further education as well as in achieving certifications.

Accordingly, all our software testers are ISTQB certified and thus have an optimal and uniform understanding of software quality assurance.

Integration of QA into the processes

Integration of QA into the processes

Our software testers are involved in the entire development process of new program enhancements right from the start.
Thus, they are already integrated into the processes during planning and conception and can plan measures for quality assurance at an early stage.

The software testers are represented in most of the coordination meetings.
The colleagues analyze the concept to identify further requirements
requirements, to estimate the effort required for quality assurance, and to propose and schedule automated tests.

In addition, QA works together with other teams on process optimizations.

Manual tests

Manual tests

Before a new feature or customization is installed in the customer's test system
customer's test system, we run it through a defined test process.
defined test process. This process can, for example, take place via manual tests.
can be carried out.

As a rule, a review with the project manager takes place.
The project managers represent the interface to the customer and are best able to
best assess whether the implementation is exactly what you want. 

As soon as a developer has completed the programming, another developer checks the code in a code review according to the dual control principle. Often, initial errors can be avoided and corrected in this way.

A QA employee then checks the behavior in diaLIMS against the requirements and creates so-called defects in case of conspicuities, on the basis of which error reports can be formulated.

As part of these system tests, the new version of the program is tested by our employees in a realistic test environment, just as a user would later do in the laboratory. Information in the documentation that is relevant for the test is also considered.

Automated tests

Automated tests

Software is characterized by the fact that it is subject to constant change and new extensions are always being added or existing functions are being adapted.

In order to avoid always having to perform a manual test again for more complex or critical adaptations, automated tests are created and regularly expanded for these cases.

Every day, our currently more than 3,000 automated tests give us the assurance that the most important functions continue to function without errors.

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