Reports, analyses and statistics with diaLIMS

Reports & analyses

In diaLIMS you can store all your laboratory data in a structured and secure way. One of the biggest advantages of our system is the ability to quickly and easily convert data into a clear, readable format. Reports can be created at the touch of a button via diaLIMS, whether test reports, certificates, quotations or data sheets.

In addition, all information can be analysed directly in the system. This eliminates the need for additional links to external evaluation and statistics tools. With diaLIMS, you have all the necessary functions for evaluation, reporting and statistics in one system.

Feature overview


  • Design of templates in Word, Excel and HTML and also for labels
  • ISO 17025-compliant test reports
  • Generation of reports from each module, e.g. test report, certificate of analysis, sample blank or test equipment sheet
  • Digital signatures
  • Mail dispatch
  • Multilingual reports
  • Automated commissioning of external laboratories
  • Generation of PDF in PDF/A format for long-term archiving

Evaluation & Controlling

  • User-configurable evaluation options
  • Determination of key figures, e.g. distribution of costs, turnover with customers and current capacity utilisation in the laboratory
  • Freely configurable filter criteria for customised evaluations
  • Regular reports at the touch of a button
  • Graphical analyses and diagrams
  • Connection to a web-based dashboard for graphical analyses in real time

Convenient report generation

Whether test reports, quotations, order confirmations, invoices, orders, external laboratory commissions, project documentation, R&D reports on formulations, batch documentation, hazardous substance data sheets, specifications or information on measurement series and control charts - depending on the process and area of application, diaLIMS allows you to create reports in every module.

At the touch of a button, our LIMS automatically generates the corresponding document for you from Word templates with all the necessary information, which you can have printed immediately via the system. You can either create an editable Word file or the corresponding PDF directly.

As an alternative to the text-based reports, you can also create table-based reports in Excel.

All content from diaLIMS is inserted via simple variable calls.

In this way, content can also be determined dynamically and thus content can be created depending on the selected data record.

The integrated dictionary ensures that your reports can be translated. This allows you to translate words and entire phrases directly for the respective target language. Of course, the conversion of number and date formats is also supported.

Thanks to the integrated, automatic e-mail dispatch function, you can send your reports quickly and conveniently to one or more predefined recipients or e-mail distribution lists.

Test reports according to ISO 17025

With diaLIMS, you can create highly configurable test reports - automatically and in compliance with standards. Test reports that you create with our system fulfil the requirements of the ISO 17025 laboratory standard.

Preliminary reports and correction reports can also be created, and all versions are fully documented - including all revision logs for correction reports.

Depending on the tests performed, your accreditation logo can also be shown or hidden.

You can then conveniently sign your test reports with your signature from within diaLIMS.

Digital signature

Documents that you create or have created by diaLIMS can be digitally signed using our programme. Our LIMS automatically generates your document for you in PDF format and connects you to the integrated signature software.

Use the Advanced Electronic Signature (FES) to digitally sign PDF documents with a certificate.

diaLIMS evaluation tools

A lot of information is not immediately recognisable at first glance. If you want to get real added value from your data, our analysis tools (query module, dashboard, filters, Excel reports) will help you to do so. With diaLIMS, you can efficiently record and optimally manage all data and have it conveniently and clearly analysed.

Whether sample point statistics, customer analyses or sales turnover - with diaLIMS you can create analyses, determine specific key figures and generate statistics according to your personal requirements.

Determine information about data records that can be assigned to a time frame that you define and visualise this data according to your preference.

With the diaLIMS dashboard in the web browser, you can visualise and process information quickly, easily and efficiently in a structured way.

Whether bar charts, pie charts, curves or other graphics - diaLIMS offers you a wide range of options for visualising your data. Information from the entire database can be quickly and easily summarised, sorted and analysed according to your requirements.

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