Successful product development with diaLIMS - from the development formulation to the finished product

The diaLIMS modules…

for recipe development and recipe management offer support for research and development as well as for production. Additional modules for products, batches, supplier management, project management and for reports and analyses offer all the functions you need for product development.

Feature overview

Test preparation & execution

  • Definition of the development goal, target properties
  • Trial planning
  • Variant overview, variant hierarchy, recipe tree
  • Direct creation of batches from the recipe without a production order
  • User instructions can be stored during weighing

Project planning & controlling

  • Laboratory approaches and approaches for production trials
  • Allocation of raw material batches
  • Production log with display of deviations & tolerance violations
  • Cost price calculation
  • Task planning, resource management, employee-related activity lists
  • Document management

In addition

  • Label printing, barcode support
  • Formula calculation, limit value control
  • Connection to other systems (e.g. SAP) for data exchange
  • Maintain specification data
  • Automatically calculate declaration quantities and generate declaration texts
  • Create product parts lists, record all components: Raw materials, intermediate and end products, ingredients, ingredients, materials
  • Version management

Test preparation

Create development recipes based on existing production recipes and add modified components or process steps to them.

Products, ingredients, properties and other values are taken from the production recipe and clearly displayed in a hierarchical view.

Start recipe development by creating different variants with different compositions.

Use the system as a wizard for your statistical test planning - specify all procedures to be used, change factors, adjust parameters and keep track of all changes.

As a basis, the application provides a product management module that can be used to manage intermediates, end products, raw materials, excipients and chemical substances (REACH and GHS compliant). Data on specific conditions that are linked to certain substances can be entered in the programme, enabling a clear raw material listing.

Carrying out experiments

Document all the information about your experiments with the option of analysing them later.

Compare all variants from the entire variant hierarchy, with their composition and properties, in a clear tabular display. This allows you to quickly see what has been changed in the recipe and how the trials differ from one another.

Recognise at a glance which recipe variant is most suitable and develop this variant further or create a new version of the production recipe from it.

The system uses recipe validation to check whether all requirements for transfer to a production recipe have been met and all necessary details have been maintained.

Trial productions

Before production takes place in larger quantities, diaLIMS can be used to carry out and precisely document trial productions. You can produce and test small quantities on the basis of selected recipe variants.

You decide for which variants, on the basis of which approaches and with the help of which production equipment you want to carry out test productions. The testing of test productions is comparable to the quality assurance of actual production processes.

The results of the test production in turn give you the opportunity to create further recipe variants. Once you have selected a product, you can reconcile the sales data with our LIMS and manage the transfer to the ERP software.

All these steps can be efficiently supported and mapped with diaLIMS.

Project planning & controlling

To ensure that the processes between all parties involved are time-efficient and run smoothly, the system supports you in maintaining an overview of project management.

Recipe development can be easily combined with the project management module. This provides an overview of a large number of ongoing and completed development projects.

Task planning is ensured by assigning responsibilities for individual project steps.

Optimise your team and resource management with our project management tool. Manage team members, document work records, formulate requirements for the project team, create employee-related activity lists and control access authorisations for project data.

Create structure in your project by defining individual sub-projects (e.g. approval process, formulation development, documentation) and breaking these down into further sub-projects to ensure that sub-steps are processed clearly and efficiently. Times and milestones can be defined for each subsection so that deadlines can be optimally monitored.

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