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Since 1992, dialog EDV has been committed to ensuring that our customers are truly satisfied. We constantly and continuously invest in the further development of our software.

We develop using the latest technologies and programming languages. We were the first LIMS manufacturer in the world to use Java technology back in 1996 and just one year later we presented the first LIMS available worldwide that was completely realised in Java. 

Today, no software company can ignore this technology.

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Our terms of contract

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General Terms and Conditions of dialog EDV Systementwicklung GmbH

Our references

Satisfied diaLIMS customers for 30 years now.

Everything from a single source

Our diaLIMS software system is developed, produced and distributed solely by us. We are also responsible for the entire project implementation and subsequent support . This takes place at our site in Hanover or directly at the customer's premises.

Outsourcing is not an option for us. Our customers receive everything from a single source from a company close to them. diaLIMS - designed and developed in Germany. We are committed to training young people and regularly train IT specialists for application development.

We have successfully completed numerous projects for customers from various sectors and areas such as food, chemicals, beverages, industry, contract laboratories for the environment, water, air, soil, etc. 80% of all customers have concluded a software maintenance contract with us and receive comprehensive support via our support hotline.


Personal contact is very important to us, as is the quick and unbureaucratic resolution of any problems that arise. This is what characterises our team - openness and fairness.

Never in over 30 years of our history has a customer regretted investing in our diaLIMS and switched to another software.

Our programmers are passionate about software development, our designers and analysts are passionate about software conceptualisation. We love what we do and it shows.

Shaping the future

Innovation through research and development

We pride ourselves on cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and a pioneering spirit. Our research and development department is at the heart of our company and drives us to new heights every day.

Our dedicated team of software developers, engineers and technology experts work tirelessly to break new boundaries and develop innovative solutions that revolutionise the way businesses operate. By utilising cutting-edge technologies, big data analytics and creative thinking, we are setting the standard in the software industry and redefining the future of business solutions. Our research projects range from the optimisation of business processes through advanced automation technologies to the development of intelligent AI-driven systems.

We continuously invest in researching new software architectures, tools and methods to provide our customers with innovative solutions that increase their efficiency and give them a competitive edge.

We see ourselves not only as a pioneer in our field, but also as a partner who works closely with our customers. Through close cooperation and the exchange of expertise, we create added value and develop customised software solutions that meet the specific requirements of our customers.

From practice for practice

No matter what we develop, function always comes before innovation. This means that new features are good, but only make sense if they bring real benefits.

That's why we are 100% practice-orientated and think about optimal usability right from the analysis and design phase. We come very close to this from the very first minute, as all requirements analyses are carried out together with users and prototypes are made available to selected customers for testing.

Nevertheless, innovation means a head start and with every new version of diaLIMS we have always realised real innovations. In addition to many detailed improvements in all functional areas, we are constantly presenting new modules in a modern user interface.


diaLIMS is designed to carry out daily work quickly and efficiently. All modules and functions work hand in hand.Quick and convenient switching between modules and data records is very important.

The user interface has the same structure everywhere and requires little familiarisation, but at the same time offers a high degree of clarity and all important information at a glance.

Many otherwise very time-consuming activities are triggered by a single mouse click. Other functions run fully automatically in the background and thus save the operator a lot of time, such as automatic change logging (audit trail) or the automatic creation of laboratory orders for regular sampling and quality checks. This optimises work processes in the laboratory and minimises time consumption.

Features and range of functions as standard

No features, no enthusiasm. That's why we attach great importance to a particularly comprehensive range of functions coupled with many optional setting options. Our aim is to provide all conceivable utilisation options in the standard functional scope of our software.

The configuration parameters of our software and the customisability to individual customer requirements are therefore diverse and flexible. Customised functions and display types can be configured right down to the individual workstation.

Our quality standards

diaLIMS guarantees you high-quality and secure data processing, even over long periods of time. All our developments are tested with great care by the certified software testers in our quality assurance department using recognised technical standard test methods. The quality of our software is ensured both during development and before each new release.

Every line of programming code, every modified or newly created function only leaves our development department after a four-eyes review and the functionalities have been successfully tested by our QA department.

Hardly any other manufacturer trusts its software as much as we do and offers its customers an unlimited warranty extension for the purchased version in conjunction with a support contract.

Contact our support team for more information.

Climate awareness

As a climate-conscious company, we support the goal of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5┬░ Celsius.

We are working every day to consciously reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, with the overarching goal of achieving complete climate neutrality for our company by 2024.

Whether green electricity providers, electric company vehicles, sustainable delivery services or participation in demonstrations for climate protection - we at dialog EDV take our responsibility seriously and take sustainability into account both in the little things of everyday life and on a large, global level.

We assume social responsibility

Social commitment is a top priority at dialog EDV, which is why we support numerous aid projects worldwide.

Whether it's doctors for children in need, disaster relief, sustainable construction projects or animal welfare organisations - through our regular donations to various projects, we want to help those who can benefit most from our support.

You can find a detailed overview of all the aid projects we have supported in recent years here.

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