diaLIMS for quality assurance in industry

When quality plays a major role

Delivering high quality is now a matter of course for all companies - regardless of the industry. Your customers expect this from you and you also expect this from your suppliers.

In order to achieve the maximum, you invest immense effort and resources in quality control. Nothing should be left to chance. It's high time you and your team were supported by our innovative software. Utilise the many functions for automating processes in your quality assurance and create an unprecedented level of overview and speed. Effort and costs due to ever-increasing requirements are offset with the help of smart software.

Feature overview

  • Automatic sample acquisition via interfaces
  • Extremely clear sample management
  • Routine workflows and customised worklists
  • Automated scope of analyses through interval control
  • Target and limit value violations immediately recognisable
  • Extensive implementation of label printing and barcode scanners
  • Warehouse management for retained samples
  • Linking of all documents in the QA process
  • Support in the planning and implementation of HACCP controls
  • Assessment of the quality status of batches or production orders after completion of the analysis
  • Generation of certificates of analysis
  • Analyses at the touch of a button: limit value position, graphical measured value curves and much more

Automation for incoming goods inspections

Typically, things have to happen quickly: The lorry with the urgently awaited delivery of raw materials is not allowed to unload until the sample taken from the goods has been tested for the release-relevant parameters and there are no complaints.

Our diaLIMS supports you with automated communication between different systems in your company, thereby reducing the time and effort required for routine tasks. When the goods are posted in materials management, diaLIMS determines how many samples are required and to what extent they need to be analysed. Labels are automatically printed in the correct quantity when the goods are received and the required samples can be taken. Even before the samples arrive in the laboratory, your employees are already informed about the tasks to be performed.

diaLIMS recognises itself when the release-relevant parameters in the samples have been completed and prompts the user to release the delivery - or to block it if the limit values from the specification have been exceeded. The automatic transfer of this decision back to materials management enables further processing to be carried out quickly.

Create references to the last preliminary sample of the same raw material? Check at goods receipt whether a supplier is also authorised or whether important documents are missing?Ensure that the annual analysis for pesticide residues is carried out for each raw material? These and many other requirements are known to us and you can rely on them:With diaLIMS, you are also supported in tasks that break out of your daily routine.


Automation for production controls

A lot of production means a lot of testing?Increased product safety requirements are ensured by more frequent and more extensive inspections?

The efficiency of quality assurance in production is quickly increased when sophisticated analysis rhythms are implemented.For example, testing for contaminants is only sufficient at the start of each production run, as nothing can change during the course of production. 
The sensors are checked in every fifth production unit and microbiological analyses are carried out on ten randomly selected batches. With the diaLIMS, you can define article-related analysis intervals of unimagined complexity. As soon as the interface to the production control software reports the start of a production order, all the necessary data is created in diaLIMS and the samples are generated.

The prepared analysis intervals are evaluated automatically - each sample contains only the analyses that are intended for the current production unit. The laboratory is informed immediately and can process the correct parameters in the correct order. This ensures rapid communication - also through automatic feedback of the analysis results or specifications for readjustment during ongoing production.

If certificates of analysis are to be issued to the customer after final approval, you can simply generate these from the system. You can decide for yourself whether the certificate covers all batches of a production run or whether only parts of a production run are relevant. diaLIMS automatically compiles the required parameters and the mean values and also takes individual customer or country-specific requirements into account.

From the raw material to the finished product - and back again

QA frequently has to answer questions about product complaints. Research functions are a great strength of diaLIMS in this context. It makes no difference whether you want to find data based on a batch number, the production order number, the date of manufacture, a batch number or other information.

Thanks to the numerous links in the recorded data for incoming goods inspection, process control, HACCP observation and finished goods inspection, you can look in all directions of the production process from any starting point and view the available quality data.

For example, diaLIMS batch tracing allows you to navigate backwards in the production process from a rejected batch of finished goods to the individual raw materials used.

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