Clear sample management with diaLIMS

Sample management and results recording

The diaLIMS sample module was the first module in our LIMS. Hardly any other part of the programme has seen so much development work over the years. 

Not least due to the many suggestions and requirements of our customers, functions have been regularly added and details improved. 

Together, we have made the module strong enough to cope with any complex laboratory routine

Feature overview

Sample management

  • Documentation of sample receipt and checking for completeness
  • Label printing
  • Barcode support
  • Analysis cost evaluation
  • Display of graphical parameter curves
  • Automatic calculation of statistical values for samples with multiple repeat measurements
  • Simple organisation of subsamples and aliquots
  • Clear stock management system
  • Measured value recording in various formats: numerical, free text, value sets, images, date values, time data
  • Audit trail
  • Employee-related activity lists
  • External laboratory dispatch

Results recording

  • Fast measured value acquisition
  • Automatic limit value validation after measured value input
  • Optional automatic import of measured values from analysers
  • Workstation and method-related recording
  • Simple overview of open and completed parameters
  • Copy function for measured values
  • Automatic statistical value calculation for parameters with multiple repeat measurements
  • Unit conversion and formula calculation for measured values via diaLIMS.script
  • Multi-level release concept for individual parameters and complete samples

Effective management of all samples

The sample module is the central location for managing samples. Here you can manage all laboratory orders and sample types (air, soil, water samples, incoming goods samples, finished product controls, step controls, stability analyses and much more).

Samples are recorded and organised, values documented and the laboratory process controlled.

The functional area supports laboratory staff in their daily work and offers helpful functions for all laboratory work steps.

Optimised sample processing

diaLIMS supports you in the organisation of sample processing. Manage and process samples and keep a clear record of your results so that you can maintain an overview at all times.

Optimise the workflow and orientate yourself on the processing status of the samples. The system provides you with a comprehensive overview of open and completed samples.

diaLIMS also offers support in finding open samples for parameters to be measured and assigning them to the appropriate measurement series, as well as quickly generating control samples in the measurement series.

Clear sample storage and documentation

With the diaLIMS module for storage management, you can efficiently record, manage and document sample storage locations. This means you always have an overview of where samples are currently located and which storage conditions need to be observed.

diaLIMS enables labelling, clear storage, reliable traceability and optimal, digital documentation of all samples and laboratory processes relating to sample planning, sampling and sample management in a single database.

Optimally integrated analysis intervals

Analysis intervals control whether certain parameters in a sample need to be analysed.

For example, in connection with incoming goods inspections, critical parameters can be configured to be analysed every time goods are received, while more stable or cost-intensive parameters are only analysed every third goods receipt or at least once a year.

The configuration of the flexible quantity, object and time intervals depends on the product and, if required, on the supplier.

Results recording

In the diaLIMS module for results recording, results are recorded for one or more parameters in a method-orientated manner.

Different ways of displaying the parameters of different samples provide the best possible overview and ease of input.

Each employee receives a view of the samples that they currently have to analyse for a specific parameter and thus a task list for their individual workstation.

The freely configurable filter option for searching and displaying open parameters covers all conceivable workplace situations.

The two different display formats (flat table or cross table) not only support the optimum recording of values, but also offer a flexible option for ad hoc analyses.

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