Our software solution for production formulation management

Optimised formulation management with diaLIMS.

diaLIMS fully supports you in the transition from the development formulation to the production formulation.

Create, version and check production formulations, change quality parameters, have specification data calculated automatically and much more - our system makes production planning easier for you, guarantees comprehensive documentation options and enables customisation to individual processes and tasks thanks to extensive configuration options.

Feature overview

Provision of properties and other information

  • Simplified recording and management of recipe properties
  • Calculation of declaration quantities
  • Formulas, also for properties of raw materials and sub-recipes
  • Price calculation

Preparation and production planning

  • Generation of sampling plans for generated production orders
  • Consumption planning
  • Target value calculation
  • Quantity calculation for production approaches
  • Output of instructions for production

Mixtures and versioning

  • Mix optimisation for production approaches
  • Generation of specific mixing and production orders
  • Output of mixing instructions for production
  • Versioning function

In addition:

  • Support with the creation of safety data sheets
  • Support for hazardous substance categorisation and provision of hazardous goods data

Organisation and overview of production recipes

Automatically create production recipes that are linked to all the data in the development recipe. All important recipe and production data can be clearly recorded and added to using our software. Add properties to a recipe or partial recipe, maintain the specification data and generate declaration information.

All recipe parts such as mixing instructions, ingredients and process steps can be created and recorded in the recipe. Partial recipes/semi-finished products can be used in any nesting depth.

You can also enter tolerance specifications for recipes, specify stability surcharges and calculate the distribution of filling ingredients.

The system enables direct weighing from the recipe without a production order. Store user instructions during weighing, per ingredient and process step or specify the use of a scale. Benefit from the programme's connection to PLCs, scales and weighing terminals, RS232, Ethernet and other devices and interfaces.

Blend optimisation

A mix optim isation tool helps you to adjust the quantity ratios for individual batches of raw materials in the event of property fluctuations.

Create mixing components in the system and assign them manually or automatically. The system helps you to optimise the mixture based on a configurable set of rules for natural product batches with fluctuating properties.

This ensures a consistent target quality of the end product. The variance in raw material properties is also taken into account.

Use the "Raw material replacement" function to replace raw materials in recipes and obtain an overview of all available replacement raw materials.

Enter the exact mixing ratio between the substitute raw materials so that the quantities (volume, weight, etc.) can be calculated automatically and the raw materials can be added to the recipe.

The system supports you in using suitable alternative raw materials and making recipe adjustments. Use alternative raw materials in recipes and production orders to replace ingredients.

Recipe versioning

Use the versioning function to maintain an overview and traceability of all old and new versions of your production recipe. All versions of a recipe are linked together so that you can keep an eye on the version and change history.The versioning function is useful, for example, when new ingredients need to be added to a recipe or the composition needs to be changed.

This allows you to track at any time which changes the product or recipe has undergone and which version was created from which development variant.

All important information can be documented and tracked with the programme. In the event of a complaint being processed, you have all the necessary facts at your fingertips to quickly and efficiently determine the cause of the recall.

Other helpful tools

The system is designed in such a way that you can graphically display nested recipe trees at any level.

With the help of this hierarchical visualisation, you can calculate cumulative quantity proportions across all recipe levels and determine which premixes were used in which composition.

Release processes for production recipes often run in external systems. With our programme, you can flexibly decide whether the finished production recipe should be transferred from diaLIMS to another programme (e.g. ERP) or whether production support should be provided via our company software.

In this case, production orders are generated via the LIMS and linked to the recipe. The entire production process can be supported by our software.

Combine recipe management with the diaLIMS modules for batch management and production order planning to automatically transfer data and instructions and simplify processes. Generate sampling plans for the production orders created depending on the number of batches and batch quantities for optimised quality assurance. Use the output of detailed instructions for production and the automatic quantity calculation for production approaches.

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