Our LIMS for use in the manufacturing industry

Support for manufacturing companies with diaLIMS

The production process is both highly complex and labour-intensive - inaccurate or unstructured data processing can be time-consuming and costly. Our business software supports you with a wide range of functions in the areas of production support, product development and quality assurance, while ensuring that all processes are clearly organised.

Feature overview

  • Batch management and batch tracing
  • Product development
  • Sampling plans and dynamic inspection intervals
  • Specification management
  • Production data acquisition
  • Project management, activity management
  • Production order planning and control
  • warehouse management
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • Hazardous materials and dangerous goods management
  • Supplier/customer management
  • Cost evaluation and capacity utilisation analyses
  • Interfaces to other company applications

Conveniently plan and clearly manage production processes

Use our industry-specific module packages - these have preconfigured functionalities and standard workflows and therefore offer clear and time-efficient solutions for your work processes.

Our diaLIMS is suitable for use in your regulated environment and can be customised specifically to your processes and products.

Whether paints and coatings, basic chemicals, systems and products for aviation or other production areas - our diaLIMS can be flexibly adapted to your customer-specific requirements and offers comprehensive support for the digitalisation of all production processes.

Generate production approaches

Create extensive orders directly from the production recipe, including the assignment of specific production instructions.

Production approaches can be generated from the recipe development for test production and from the product recipes for production.

diaLIMS also allows you to automatically generate the required intermediate product batches and clearly visualise the progress of ongoing production orders.

Document production processes

With diaLIMS terminals at systems and mixing stations, you can manage and process all batches, production orders or production processes directly at your workstation.

With our software, you can view all the raw material batches and quantities, material storage locations and process and production instructions you need at a glance. diaLIMS gives you a quick and clear overview of process and mixing instructions from the recipe and allows you to document all processes safely and effectively.

The software enables you to document the use of goods in production batches as well as options for graphical batch tracing and plausibility checks.

Of course, diaLIMS can also be connected to weighing systems, barcode scanners, label printers and other device interfaces.

Quality assurance during production

Our software provides you with optimum support for quality assurance in the industry, from receipt of the raw materials to the finished product.

Use the automatic sample generation according to the sampling plan. Generate certificates of analysis, assess the quality status of batches or production orders and manage release processes with diaLIMS.

diaLIMS enables you to validate limit values automatically, informs you if these values are exceeded from the specification and offers the option of using dynamic inspection scopes efficiently.

Warehouse management for retained samples can also be conveniently carried out in our system and all storage locations can be documented.

IPC according to GMP

The GMP requirement for in-process controls (IPC) is fully supported by our diaLIMS.

Using analysis intervals and sampling plans that you store in the LIMS, you can view all tests and control points during production via the QA terminal. Depending on the monitoring plan and critical control points(CCP), the system reminds you when which IPC tests need to be carried out.

Monitoring production, controlling processes, carrying out and documenting control samples - everything can be done completely and conveniently with diaLIMS. This allows you to quickly influence and take countermeasures if quality changes during the production process.

Additional functions for the chemical industry

In addition to the above-mentioned functions relating to production support and quality assurance, diaLIMS also offers other features specifically for the manufacturing chemical industry.

For example, the system provides useful features for (sample) warehouse management, hazardous substance data management and the creation of data sheets, including regional and country listings for raw materials and materials used.

Use our chemicals management for the management and monitoring of chemicals in accordance with guidelines and for labelling them in accordance with the REACH/GHS Regulation.

Additional functions for the food industry

Our diaLIMS modules help you to carry out quality checks on food, animal feed, beverages and other products and their recipes, manage material transactions, comply with guidelines and standards (e.g. HACCP) and manage costs efficiently.

The system supports you with the automated generation of declarations in accordance with the Food Information Regulation (FIR ) and the creation of specifications and parts lists for raw materials, intermediate and end products, ingredients, ingredients and materials.

Nutritional information can be calculated automatically using the raw material nutritional values and raw materials can be labelled with important attributes such as halal, organic, EU country of origin and much more.

With diaLIMS, seamless traceability is also guaranteed for tank batches and mixing processes.

Microbiological tests can be optimally prepared and documented with our system. Keep an eye on your preparations at all times. diaLIMS ensures secure connection to systems and devices, e.g. an automatic labelling machine for Petri dishes can also be connected in combination with a colony counter. Photo documentation of the Petri dishes is also possible, as is support for the rapid input of analyses.

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