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Device and system connection with diaLIMS

In addition to the digital documentation and management of laboratory data, our laboratory system offers many other advantages. One of these advantages is the ability to connect devices so that measured values can be transferred from all common devices.

This page provides you with an overview of the most important requirements and processes that you need to observe in order to be able to manage device interfaces effectively with diaLIMS.

Connection of analysers

diaLIMS enables you to connect to analysers quickly and reliably and to manage your test and measurement equipment securely.

Measured values can be imported flexibly by specifying the sample ID, sequence number and autosampler position or the batch number (for applications in the production environment).

In addition to the values for the laboratory samples, control sample measurement values can of course also be imported into diaLIMS. If required, you can automatically generate control samples with diaLIMS using the control material designation.

Sequence data is automatically documented by importing it into the system, whereby diaLIMS takes the determination limits into account during import and offers you the option of unit calculation and linking raw data.


In addition to the classic variant of file-based transfer via CSV or Excel file, other individual connection forms are also possible:

  • Serial connection via USB or RS232
  • File-based connection via XML
  • Connection via web services, e.g. REST or JSON
  • Data transfer via database transfer table
  • Connection of programmable logic controllers via Modbus, e.g. for air conditioning systems or refrigerators

Standard interfaces

In addition to the customised interfaces, many standard interfaces are already available in diaLIMS and can be booked as an option:

  • Health authorities: NiWaDaB, SEBAM, TEIS 2 & 3, OctoWare, LABDÜS
  • Invoices: DATEV Online, XRechnung
  • Other: WinWASI (LIMSWASI)

Connection to ERP/third-party systems

Similar to device interfaces, third-party systems such as DCS, ERP, DMS or other third-party systems can also be connected. Data can be synchronised between the systems either file-based or via web services. It is important to determine which system is the leading system. The leading system transfers new and changed data to the subordinate system.

Connections to third-party systems are usually individual services within the project. The requirements for the interfaces and the format are discussed and agreed together.

diaLIMS offers configurable import and export tools that allow key users to easily configure customised imports themselves.

We will be happy to advise you on the options diaLIMS already offers you as standard.

Practical example: Connection of an analytical scale

Scales are connected to the diaLIMS PC via serial interfaces. The serial port can be configured in the operating system and also offered virtually via USB.

Please note the following possible example procedure:

  1. Scan the sample number of the container.
  2. The sample is then displayed in the samples module.
  3. Place the write cursor manually on the line of the parameter to be transferred and select by mouse click - in this case: Weigh-in.
  4. The weighing process takes place on the balance.
  5. A data transfer button on the scale must then be pressed manually. This causes the scale to transfer the measured weight value to diaLIMS in the selected line.

Connection to label printers

Label printers and barcode scanners are an integral part of every LIMS project. They are essential for optimising processes and minimising sources of error. In principle, any printer can be connected so that you can continue to use your existing label printers and barcode scanners with diaLIMS.

We have had good experiences with devices from the manufacturers Zebra and Brady. Label templates can be designed very flexibly for all printers, leaving nothing to be desired.

Symbols and barcodes can also be printed. The only requirement is that the diaLIMS client has access to the printer, either locally or as a network printer. diaLIMS also supports printing using special purpose labels. This means that other labels can also be printed using special-purpose form templates without a label printer.

Please note:

In principle, we do not configure the measuring equipment. Please contact the manufacturer for this. However, we will be happy to advise you.

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