Quick planning of stage controls with diaLIMS

HACCP and hygiene monitoring

Our LIMS module for stage control plans supports you equally in the areas of failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) and risk-based hazard analysis (HACCP). The system helps you to identify potential weak points, localise sources of error and ensure comprehensive quality assurance in all production processes.


Feature overview

  • Step control plans for each item-production line composition
  • Definition of individual control points
  • Individual inspection scopes
  • Time specifications
  • Automatic generation of step inspections through stored inspection plans
  • Creation of inspections directly from the production order
  • Assignment to production line and semi-finished and finished goods currently produced there
  • Clear cross table for measurement results of a step check  
    • Display of all assigned samples at a glance
    • Limit value validation with coloured markings
  • Formula calculation for results 

Quality comes first

Our diaLIMS supports you in carrying out and documenting tests on systems and products in a clear and organised manner.

From the start to the end of production, our software helps you to check and ensure that the environmental conditions are consistently good throughout the entire production process - resulting in the consistently high quality of your products.

Define stage control plans

In many cases, step checks are carried out on a plant or process-related basis, triggered by an event such as the start of production of a batch or a change of production on the plant. For each possible combination of production line and manufactured product, there is usually a sampling plan for the number of samples that must be taken at specified points and analysed with specified volumes.  

In the diaLIMS module for step control plans, all these dependencies can be defined and any number of sets of sample templates can be prepared, and recurring sets of any number of samples from prepared templates can be created with just a few mouse clicks.
In addition to hygiene checks on production or filling lines, various other scenarios are conceivable. The control plans can be used in daily work, whereby the necessary samples are automatically generated with corresponding plan times.  

Easier planning of hygiene checks and optimum overview of control samples

Based on the item to be produced and the production line, suitable plans are suggested when carrying out a step-by-step check, making it easier to plan hygiene checks.

Samples are automatically generated on the basis of the selected plan and can thus be displayed to employees in the task list.

It is often difficult to map and clearly visualise the relationships between all samples from the production process (raw material samples, incoming goods inspections, process inspections, end product inspections and hygiene inspections).

diaLIMS offers you these possibilities and has many other functions for the support and digitalisation of various processes.

Created control samples can either be processed individually in their own module or, if desired, they can be integrated into all other laboratory samples and are overviewed, organised and processed together with them in the other diaLIMS modules such as samples, results recording, batches or measurement series.

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