The laboratory software for practical test equipment management

Manage test equipment - safely, quickly and reliably with diaLIMS

With diaLIMS, the regular monitoring of your testing and measuring equipment and all other devices to be monitored is documented in a clear and structured manner. 

This ensures that they are ready for use and maintained at all times. Our flexible and user-friendly business software is therefore ideal for analytical quality assurance in the laboratory.

Feature overview

  • Extensive options for recording all relevant test equipment data
  • Automatic generation of unique identification and inventory numbers
  • Unlimited number of test intervals per test equipment
  • Automatic creation of tests for defined intervals
  • Specification of control samples directly on the test equipment including the link to the associated control charts
  • Mobile recording of test values at the location of the measuring equipment
  • Test equipment history, cost overview and event logbook
  • Output of task lists and test equipment data sheets
  • Generation of test equipment certificates as MS Word, OpenOffice or PDF documents
  • Timely reminder of inspections to be carried out
    • Active by e-mail or passive as a quick filter
    • Warning message when logging into the system or using the test equipment

When must analysers be tested?

In the diaLIMS test equipment management module, all test equipment, measuring equipment and other devices in your laboratory can be recorded and managed. In addition to general inventory information on the devices, additional details can be entered on the properties of the test equipment and on suppliers, manufacturing companies and maintenance services.

Any number of independent test intervals can be defined for each piece of test equipment, e.g. for maintenance, calibration and verification. The intervals can be activated or stopped independently of each other.

Always on schedule

Automatic scheduling means that tests are planned in advance in the system. If a test date has been reached or is imminent, diaLIMS reminds the person responsible for the device, a department or all employees in the laboratory.

The system can be used to generate daily work lists at the touch of a button, in which all test equipment to be tested is listed. These lists can also be generated in advance.

Overdue dates are highlighted in a special colour.

Carry out clear checks

After carrying out a test equipment check, the results obtained are entered into diaLIMS. Formulas can also be used for the calculation. Checks that are carried out once per shift, per day or for each measurement run can also be recorded manually, regardless of the fixed intervals.

Control charts can be managed automatically for the control values. These are clearly displayed on a separate page. This creates a direct link between sample results and control sample values using control charts. You can also display comments on result values in the diagram. It is also possible to print out a control chart in the form of a report. 

Flexible device connection

Alternatively, results from test equipment monitoring can be recorded using a mobile recording device, e.g. with a built-in barcode scanner. This means that test equipment can be checked easily and directly at remote locations, e.g. in production.

Of course, all types of equipment can be managed in the test equipment module in order to jointly manage inventory data and warranty information for all technical equipment

Query the upcoming test date of test equipment

Test equipment must be inspected regularly to ensure full functionality - you can manage your test equipment and the test data for it in diaLIMS.

There is a separate test equipment sample for each test date on a piece of test equipment.With our software, you can determine the next upcoming test date and, if desired, inform the responsible persons of this via automatic e-mail dispatch. 

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