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Standard compliance with diaLIMS

The requirements for a modern laboratory system are constantly growing with new regulations from a wide variety of areas. However, in addition to the specific technical requirements, the system can also offer functions and modules that support and facilitate work in the regulated environment.

The system's modules provide suitable solutions for analytics, R&D, quality assurance and for use in production. diaLIMS provides you with all the functions you need for the regulated environment of your laboratory. Our system is therefore the solution for your company - regardless of sector and company-wide.

Feature overview

  • DIN EN ISO 17025
  • GxP
  • DIN EN ISO 9001

Further useful out-of-the-box functions

  • Audit trail change history
  • Device connection and automatic measured value recording
  • Validation and release management
  • Control charts
  • Stage controls
  • Test equipment management
  • Document management
  • SOP management

Laboratory management according to ISO 17025

diaLIMS has long been an established solution for 17025 accredited laboratories. In particular, diaLIMS offers many useful functions for service laboratories and official environmental laboratories. It fulfils all the technical requirements of the standard and offers supporting functions for the QMB.

The special requirements for test reports from the ISO 17025 laboratory standard, such as version management, documentation of report corrections and much more, are fully and automatically covered by diaLIMS. Our system also reminds you of deadlines and helps you to manage test equipment and test analysers. All criteria are supplemented by our system. Thanks to the integrated audit trail, all values that are changed can be traced at any time.

You can also benefit from 17025-compliant test equipment and quality management in the area of chemicals management and analytical quality assurance.

Good laboratory and manufacturing practice

diaLIMS helps you to implement good working practice. All points of the GMP, GAMP and GLP quality assurance systems are supported by our system in compliance with the GxP quality rules.

diaLIMS is a flexible laboratory solution that can be classified as configurable standard software (GAMP category 4) according to GAMP 5. As diaLIMS fulfils the documentation and verification requirements, it can be used for analytical quality assurance.

Our software meets the special requirements for document management and guarantees the traceability and traceability of analyses through complete documentation. diaLIMS helps you to carry out checks and immediately identify and counteract quality deviations.
and counteract them.

The system also supports the handling of chemicals in compliance with GLP requirements.

By complying with the requirements of GLP standards (among others), such as the standard-compliant creation of test and laboratory reports and clear sample management, diaLIMS is ideal for official analysis, environmental laboratories, public utilities or state and federal offices.

Support for ISO 9001

We work in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and our processes in diaLIMS are also quality-assured in accordance with ISO 9001.

Management representatives are optimally supported in their work thanks to the diaLIMS QM modules. Regardless of whether it is the administration of documents, the creation of activity or authorisation matrices or the documentation of internal and external topics.

Training courses can also be planned and documented. Our software is ideal for monitoring and documenting your company's continuous improvement process (CIP). The requirements of 9001 for supplier assessment can also be fulfilled.

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