Efficient customer relationship management with diaLIMS

Our system offers all the necessary modules for managing your customers and customer relationships.

Document customer data and contact information as well as the contact history and create processes from quotation to invoice.

Incoming payments can also be documented for efficient controlling. Customised prices are just as possible as individual limit values per customer or customer sampling point. Fully integrated into the LIMS functionalities, you have an optimum overview of your customers at all times and can track every contact in a structured manner.

Feature overview

Organisation and planning

  • Specification of detailed information on customers and contact persons
  • Definition of invoice and report recipients and main contact persons
  • Management of all activities in connection with telephone calls,
    mails or call logs
  • Appointment scheduling with reminder function
  • Clear history of customer quotations, orders and invoices
  • Free input of transaction item data possible (e.g. allocation of one-off discounts, change of certain designations according to customer requirements)

Invoices and payments

  • Automated creation of invoices from orders, samples or proofs
  • Generation of invoices even without an order
  • Automatic generation of partial or full invoices from laboratory orders/samples
  • Invoicing of subsequently ordered tests also possible
  • Sending of invoices by e-mail (with digital signature)
  • Payment control via documentation of all payments
  • Automatic consideration of the correct VAT rates, also for European and international countries
  • Linking of all information from the quotation to the order to the invoice and payment through to the dunning stage
  • Quick adaptability to be able to react quickly to changes (e.g. pandemic-related adjustment of VAT rates)
  • Creation of credit notes and cancellations

In addition

  • Delivery notes
  • Address label printing
  • Customised price lists
  • Documentation and processing of complaints & claims
  • Interface to DATEV online
  • Management and controlling reports in the dashboard
  • Generation of invoices in XRechnung format for settlement with authorities

CRM made easy

Whether appointment scheduling, contact overview, contact tracking and planning or activity overview, with diaLIMS you can easily and clearly plan and manage your contacts with your customers.

Customers can be categorised and filtered, and you can access contacts and appointments that have already been made at any time.

Extensive fields are available for each customer to provide detailed information. Classify each customer using properties such as industry, ABC type, NACE index and much more.

Customers can also be grouped into corporate groups and any number of employees and contact persons can be stored for each customer.
A wide range of information can also be entered for these contact persons.

Manageable activity management

All important contacts with a customer can be documented retrospectively using activities or planned in advance. This means that events and agreements can be clearly viewed and quickly tracked.

All other activities relating to an order (e.g. telephone calls, meetings, e-mails, etc.) can be managed in the order's activity list in an organised manner - so no information is lost and every employee is immediately and comprehensively informed about the status of work on an order.

Store important documents in the integrated document management system. This gives you direct access to all important documents.

Scheduling and organisation via e-mail

For efficient scheduling, our programme offers you the reminder function via e-mail. 
Provide activities with various information for completion, such as the deadline, reminder date, defined agents or formulations for the task. The e-mail reminder function sends information about upcoming tasks to the designated agents the first time they register the activity.

Plan e-mail or newsletter campaigns via e-mail using customer distribution lists that can be maintained as required.

Certain letters can be generated automatically and sent automatically via diaLIMS.

Use the practical resubmission function and the clear logging of all your contacts.

The system also supports you with the automatic preparation of standard letters and emails, including document management.

With our next diaLIMS version, a new e-mail functionality will be implemented: configurable e-mail dispatch via push notifications.

With the new function, you can set who receives a reminder by e-mail and when, and control that reminders are sent on the basis of an activity, an order or a proof, which can be freely configured. This then takes place on the set reminder date and also on a specified number of days before the deadline.

Complaints management and complaints administration

Complaints, criticism and praise can be recorded via the complaints management system.
The system supports you in responding by preselecting individual response letters depending on the categorisation of the complaint.

Complaint management goes hand in hand with sample management. Test orders for retained samples can be forwarded directly from the module to the laboratory.
The structured documentation of these customer reactions enables quick evaluations to analyse quality problems.

With diaLIMS, you can also create an 8D report as part of complaints management and quality management and print it out easily.

All 8 disciplines or process steps that document the progress of complaint processing can be clearly documented with our system.

Create quotations

The quotation module allows you to create quotations quickly and easily, using item master data with customer-specific price lists for the calculation.

Check whether the customer should receive a total offer discount or an item discount.

Information on the invoice and payment conditions as well as the validity of the quotation round off the quotation.
This can be printed directly or sent as a PDF by e-mail. The resubmission function ensures that subsequent queries to the customer are not forgotten.

Order items can be individually customised across all process modules. Details such as quantity, price, discount, etc. can be flexibly changed, added or removed from the order and invoices.

Writing invoices and checking payments

Generate invoices that can be printed out or sent by e-mail.

Taking into account the customer's VAT ID as well as the tax rate and tax type, you can generate invoices in which you show different VAT amounts.

With diaLIMS you can show the various domestic tax rates as well as national, VAT-free invoices within the EU.

The VAT statement can also be easily calculated and adjusted for invoices from international customers.

The system also helps you to quickly generate and send credit notes or cancellations.

Incoming payments and instalments are recorded directly on the order. If payments are not received on time, reminders can be generated and sent.

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