diaLIMS - the business software for analytical quality control in the laboratory

Support for analytical quality control

All measures that enable statements to be made about the quality and susceptibility to errors of an analytical test can be supported by our software.
diaLIMS helps with the realisation of quality control measures as well as with the documentation of the implemented measures.
Use our system to present analysis results in a clear and comprehensible way, to compare measurement results and to recognise handling errors immediately.

Feature overview

Control charts

  • Extremely flexible configuration options for control chart properties
  • Immediate and automatic display of out-of-control situations
  • Export function: print control charts, save as an image file or send by e-mail
  • Support for SPC: evaluation of specific parameters from process samples
  • Graphical parameter curve for each parameter of each sample

Test equipment

  • Input of control values directly for the test equipment
  • Display of the appropriate control chart in the module
  • Test equipment quality management in accordance with ISO 17025 and GxP
  • Management of control samples per day, per shift, etc.
  • Documentation of test equipment history and costs
  • Management and administration of control charts for test equipment

Measurement series

  • Documentation of all runs on analysers
  • Support in finding open samples for parameters to be measured and assigning them to the appropriate measurement sequence
  • Fast generation of control samples in the measurement series
  • Seamless traceability of analysis results to the measurement sequence

Measurement series

In the diaLIMS measurement series module, all runs/sequences and measured values are recorded and documented on the respective analysers, clearly and workstation-related. All samples that are measured together in a sequence are also listed together here.

Record samples measured together at a measuring station and carry out various control samples (e.g. standard, reference material, range, blank value). The control samples and their values are simply created and filled in together with the laboratory samples. With diaLIMS, all these steps can be carried out in a single software programme.

The seamless traceability of analysis results to the measurement sequence is always guaranteed. If you do not want to record each sequence in detail, diaLIMS offers further options for documenting the daily control sample of a device or the device test at the start of each shift.

Control charts

The documentation of control charts in our modern LIMS provides your laboratory with numerous advantages for better mapping of processes as well as in terms of flexibility, safety and convenience.The control charts module is used to maintain control charts and offers support for AQA and SPC. Control charts can be defined and viewed for individual parameters and measuring devices.The system helps you to create statistical analyses of quality control samples.The parameters on the control charts are automatically analysed and anomalies are immediately highlighted.

Agraphical parameter curvecan be displayed immediately for each parameter in each sample.

The necessary control charts are created automatically by diaLIMS once the basic information for the charts has been entered in the master data.

diaLIMS control charts are highly configurable for all conceivable applications.

The system supports various control chart types: x-across (mean), x-tilde (median), s (standard deviation), R (range chart), QZ (quality target), range (relative range) and combinations. Control charts can be printed, saved as an image file or sent by e-mail.

Test equipment management

The quantity and variety of test equipment in the company represents a considerable investment.The constant and professional maintenance of test equipment not only serves to preserve its value, it is also an important confidence-building measure for customers and employees.

Consequently, international and national standards require laboratories to have a functioning monitoring system for their test equipment.

Our system supports these standards and guidelines - create test and laboratory reports in compliance with DIN EN ISO 17025.

Our software also supports the documentation and verification obligations in accordance with GxP.

Control samples for the respective analyser can be easily stored in the test equipment module. Of course, the internal control charts are also updated fully automatically with these values.

Enter control values directly for the test equipment and display the appropriate control chart in the module. All types of devices can be managed in this module in order to manage inventory data and warranty information for all technical equipment together.

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