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LIMS interfaces in practice

(Labo 1-3/2024)

When introducing a new LIMS, the primary aim is to automate processes. One of the most important processes is certainly the automated transfer of measured values. Whenever a new system is introduced, there is a great desire to link as many devices as possible to the new system. But what is the best way to proceed and how can you prepare?

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Use pesticide database in LIMS

(Labo 7-8/2021)

By integrating data from the European pesticide database into the LIMS, the comparison of analysis results can be automated.

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Adieu Excel and paper

How to digitise an environmental laboratory (Laborpraxis 10/2017)

A modern software architecture offers considerable advantages for managing the complex structure of an environmental laboratory. Read how a laboratory information and management system can be helpful in managing legacy data, for example, but also in sample planning.

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Step by step to LIMS

An orientation guide for implementation (GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift 10/2017)

LIMS - Everyone in the laboratory has heard of laboratory information systems. What they can do, what the differences are, what you have to do to implement such a system, what it costs in the end, what it brings... All of this is demanding and requires intensive consideration of all the circumstances.

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