From an environmentally friendly company to complete climate neutrality

Our path to becoming a climate-neutral company

Achieving climate neutrality is urgently needed because climate change is not only becoming a more important issue every day, but it also affects us all on a global level. We believe that every individual and every company needs to get involved and take our own responsibility very seriously.

That is why we have set ourselves the goal of not only identifying and offsetting CO2 emissions, but also reducing and ideally avoiding them through active measures. We are therefore initially aiming for certification as a climate-neutral company, with the overarching goal of achieving complete climate neutrality for our business in the near future.

Our milestones and goals

Emission categories according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

In order to make an effective contribution to climate compensation and act in a more climate-conscious/neutral manner, a company's relevant emission sources must first be identified. Below, we have created an overview that illustrates the milestones we have achieved to date and our future goals.

As we are aiming for certification as a climate-neutral company in accordance with the TÜV Nord standard TN-CC 020 (Calculation & Verification of Carbon Footprints & Carbon Neutrality), we are guided by the emission categories(Scope 1 - Scope 3) of the GHG Protocol in order to categorise the sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Acting climate-consciously

In our company, all employees make a contribution to achieving climate neutrality.This goal is promoted on a daily basis, with the aim that everyone can live, eat and work in a healthy, good and climate-neutral way. If you want to make a change, you have to consider both the small steps and the overall global picture with regard to our environment and sustainability.

By participating in Fridays for Future demonstrations, our employees show political commitment on a personal level. We have also signed the EntrepreneursForFuture statement to show that we as a company support the Paris Climate Agreement and its demands.

We also support numerous social aid projects, such as the naBiG team, which is committed to developing sustainable construction measures in Ghana.

Our steps on the path to climate neutrality

What we are already doing and what we will do

Many of our plans for achieving carbon neutrality have already been realised, but there are still many more timely improvement measures to come.

Our aim is not only to offset carbon emissions, but to reduce them efficiently and avoid them completely wherever possible.

We therefore rely on renewable energies and use 100% green electricity from Green Planet Energy, which is generated by wind, water and photovoltaics.

We offer our employees home office options and job tickets for local public transport and our in-house health promotion programme encourages cycling. In addition, our JobRad programme motivates our employees to avoid car journeys and to exercise on their way to work and in their free time. We have also converted all of our company vehicles to electric cars. When selecting delivery services, attention is also paid to the sustainability of packaging as well as the availability of vegetarian and vegan options.

Further improvement measures are currently being planned and prepared at the site.An energy consultation is to determine the building's savings potential in order to save electricity and heating costs in future through insulation and conversion work and to efficiently reduce general consumption.A roof renovation including extensive roof insulation was already carried out on the company building in 2022.As part of this refurbishment, a photovoltaic system was installed, which means we now generate 50% of the electricity we consume ourselves. Among other things, the self-generated electricity is used to power the two charging stations for electric cars at our site.

We want more than just to be able to call ourselves a climate-neutral company. Through the active commitment of all employees and by implementing all necessary measures in the foreseeable future, we are striving to achieve complete climate neutrality for our company by 2024.