Become a professional with diaLIMS

diaLIMS training courses

Expand your LIMS know-how and become a diaLIMS expert in a short space of time with our extensive range of training courses.

Whether general basics, tips and tricks for using the software or offers on specific topics.

Our expert team will help you put together a customised training course to meet your individual needs.

All our training courses are also available online.

Training with diaLIMS - flexible and customised

Like diaLIMS itself, the training courses are always customised to your needs:

  • Are there any topics on which you would like training?
  • Do you have new employees?
  • Is there another department that should use diaLIMS in the future?
  • Or are there other areas of diaLIMS that should be used in the future?

Together we will determine your training requirements and put together an individual training programme for you.

We accompany you through all project phases

We offer training on various topics in every project phase. Even in the introductory phase before going live, the first step is master data training. Here, participants receive an initial overview of the system's functions and work with us to develop a concept of how master data can be created in such a way that a standardised, consistent structure exists across all data, which can be easily maintained and added to later.

When the system goes live, we continue with user training sessions in which the users are specially prepared for their area of application. LIMS administrators and key users can develop an authorisation concept for users in the administration training course and learn which configurations are possible in order to adapt your LIMS to your needs.

Recommendations for successful participation in an online training course

Our online training courses are conducted via Microsoft Teams. This means that you have direct contact with the instructors and other training participants during the training and have the opportunity to ask your questions at any time.

Once you have registered, you will receive a link by e-mail which you can use to take part in the training on the relevant date.

In order to participate in our online training courses in the best possible way, please ensure that you fulfil the following requirements:

  • Required: You have a stable internet connection.
  • Required : You have a suitable audio output, e.g. a headset or headphones.
  • Recommended: You have a microphone. Alternatively, you can also communicate with the training participants and instructors via the chat function.
  • Optional: You are in a quiet room or have the option of blocking out distracting noises.
  • Optional: You have an (integrated) webcam so that you are also visible to other participants.