diaLIMS - The software solution for service laboratories

The LIMS for modern analytical laboratories.

diaLIMS as a standard application in service laboratories fulfils the highest demands.

One laboratory software for everything: simple sample management, automated outsourcing, comprehensive sample planning, mobile sampling app, clear worklists, DIN EN ISO 17025-compliant test reports, detailed measurement series and control samples, easy-to-create control charts, customisable workflows.

These are just a few of the features that make diaLIMS the right choice.

Feature overview

  • Comprehensive sample planning
  • Labelling and container management
  • Automation of outsourcing
  • Sample storage management
  • DIN EN ISO 17025-compliant test reports
  • Configurable measuring device connection
  • Management of measurement series including control samples and control charts
  • Billing modules for maintaining customer data and processes
  • Mobile app for on-site sampling
  • Configurable workflows for optimal support of your own work processes

Automated sampling & sample planning

Plan your sampling in advance in diaLIMS and keep track of all sampling points. 

It offers complex mechanisms for advance planning that are easy to use:

  • Plan the frequency via freely configurable intervals
  • Define the scope of testing based on these intervals

Your samplers can organise and plan their sampling individually.

Our app for mobile sampling also supports your employees on the move: record samples taken and enter the on-site parameters. When the samples are delivered to the laboratory, they are already recorded in the system.

Simple sample management

Regardless of the size of the laboratory or the number of employees, the tracking of samples in the laboratory is one of the most important points for a coordinated, optimised process. diaLIMS offers numerous functions to support you in this.

  • Sample labelling
  • Automatic subsample generation / aliquoting for the laboratory areas
  • Automation of external laboratory orders
  • Sample storage management
  • Sample container management

Working in the lab with diaLIMS

Our laboratory system provides you with optimum support in organising your laboratory work. Create sample lists, compile samples in work lists based on analyses or plan measurement series for your test equipment.

Values that are not transmitted directly via device interfaces can be added manually. The user receives information about violated target or limit values and changes are automatically logged in the audit trail at any time.

diaLIMS automatically recognises the processing status of samples and orders.

Effective customer loyalty

Your customers are demanding and rightly so. In addition to the best possible services, they also want the best possible service. All communication with your customers, suppliers and other contacts is logged and collated. Contact details and all activities, e.g. agreements, call notes or orders, are stored in a central location. When someone calls, all information is available at the click of a button.

Enable access to current orders via an online portal to call up the status or download test reports. Reduce the number of queries from your customers and thus the processing time. In future, the information your customers need will be available automatically and digitally.

Send digitally signed documents such as quotations, order confirmations or test reports directly from diaLIMS.

diaLIMS in management

The system helps you to keep an eye on all areas of the laboratory from the laboratory management's perspective:

  • Check the capacity utilisation in the laboratory
  • Know the status of current orders and processes
  • Plan work for the laboratory and other areas in advance
  • Prioritise deadlines and important parameters
  • and much more

Targeted, customisable evaluations make all information immediately available on demand. The diaLIMS dashboard also provides you with a visualised snapshot of these numerous information streams. With diaLIMS you no longer have to react, in future you can act.

DIN EN ISO 17025 compliant test reports

The creation of test reports recently became the focus of auditors again with the new version of DIN EN ISO 17025. The requirements for a LIMS have been tightened again. It is now important to cover all requirements.

Based on the criteria of this DIN, you will find comprehensive functionality for the automatic creation of compliant test reports in diaLIMS. You can compile all the necessary information in the required report type at any time.

Simple version management means that you always have exactly the right report at your disposal. You can also digitally sign and send the final inspection report directly in diaLIMS for finalisation.

Monthly reports and analyses of billed services and top 10 customers are also available at the touch of a button. In future, there will be no need for laborious preparation of individual documents.

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