Sampling with diaLIMS - convenient and clear

Plan and carry out sampling.

With diaLIMS you can carry out the entire sampling planning and document sampling.
Regular sampling can be automatically scheduled on a recurring basis with our system.

Feature overview

  • Automatic sampling planning
  • Management of sample containers and vessels
  • Label printing
  • Generation of sampling protocols
  • Mobile sampling app
  • Sample transport
  • Documentation of sample receipt and checking for completeness

Support for analytical laboratories

With the sampling planning module, diaLIMS offers optimum support for all analytical laboratories.

diaLIMS helps to keep an eye on regularly recurring sampling and simplifies the handling of these samples, as they are already predefined in the system.

Recurring samples can be created automatically. Any time interval (day, week, month, etc.) can be used with the sampling module, regardless of how complex the interval settings should be, all factors and any small shifts can be planned and set up with diaLIMS.

Determine sampling locations

The sampling point module enables the recording and management of sampling points as master data. The data records created here are used to specify the exact sampling location of the samples.

diaLIMS offers a three-level hierarchy for determining the origin of a sample, which enables a sample to be assigned to an exact location within a region.

Any number of main locations, each with several sub-locations and secondary conditions, can be assigned to a sample location.

Clear sampling planning

Sampling is usually planned with the help of calendars and Excel spreadsheets, which is not only very complex, but also harbours the risk of forgetting or overlooking appointments.

diaLIMS makes this work step easier for you, because the system supports you in planning sampling by automatically reminding you of upcoming sampling dates.

Pre-planned samples can be viewed in diaLIMS over any time window (for the coming week, month, etc.). This means you always have a good overview of the analysis dates for a sampling area.

Preparation of the sampling

The entire pre-planning of sampling can be conveniently carried out with diaLIMS. Thanks to the samples created in advance in the system, laboratory staff can quickly see at a glance which samples are due to be taken and when.

The information displayed in diaLIMS and the printed materials are practical for the sampler, as sampling containers can be optimally prepared and assembled before departure.

Depending on the scope of the sample to be analysed, a certain number of containers must be prepared. This can be easily planned and organised using diaLIMS.

The required containers can then be put together and labelled, whereby the required number of labels can be easily printed via diaLIMS.

The sampler then selects what is required on the relevant date, prints out the corresponding sampling protocols and labels, has sample numbers generated and can travel to the sampling point optimally prepared. The complete sampling, including materials, can be prepared and carried out using the planning from diaLIMS.

Mobile sampling - laboratory management on the move

When taking samples in the field, samples are first recorded manually and then digitised later in the laboratory - a process that is both very time-consuming and costly.

Digitise the sampling process with our diaLIMS, record sample data directly in the system and save time and money in the process.

Work conveniently and flexibly at any time while on the move with our mobile sampling app. Whether you are using a tablet or smartphone, with our app you always have your laboratory database to hand and ready to use.

This means you can plan sampling, create samples, determine parameters and enter measured values anytime and anywhere.

The app saves you having to make notes on the sampling slip and transfer them manually.

The diaLIMS Mobile App makes it much easier for you to record data during sampling, it can also be used offline without a network and updates itself automatically later.

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