Support for quality management and the continuous improvement process

The optimal software solution for quality management officers.

With a variety of innovative functions, our system helps you to implement measures and requirements that contribute to improving process quality, work quality and customer satisfaction, thereby increasing product and service quality.

The system supports you in the implementation of all defined measures for targeted, continuous improvement as well as in the documentation and monitoring of results and identified defects.

Feature overview

Activity management

  • Utilisation of individual task lists
  • Automatic reminder function by e-mail
  • Integration into all relevant diaLIMS modules


  • Management of complete meeting minutes in diaLIMS
  • Unlimited number of topics in the minutes
  • Creation of new tasks for employees directly from the minutes topic
  • Overview of the processing status of tasks

Feedback management

  • Structured recording of product and process complaints, deviations and suggestions
  • Triggering of corrective measures
  • Print function for quality deviation reports
  • Statistical analysis of reasons for complaints

Customer management

  • Detailed information on customers and contact persons
  • Management of all customer activities
  • Clear history of quotations, orders and invoices

Continuous improvement process (CIP)

  • Documentation of corrective and preventive measures and improvements
  • Transfer of tasks to other employees, e.g. for root cause analysis
  • Print function for corrective action reports and 4D reports

In addition

  • Document management
  • Coordination, implementation and documentation of training courses

Activity management with diaLIMS

In the activities module, you can define tasks and assign them to specific employees.

Create customised task lists and document processes in this diaLIMS module - here you can differentiate between activities of different types (e.g. "task", "event").

Our powerful system can be used to document assigned work orders, which, for example, have been recorded in logs or are required to clarify a complaint, can be optimally kept track of.

An automatic reminder function by e-mail ensures that both users who work with diaLIMS on a daily basis and all other employees in the company are regularly informed about tasks that are due to be completed soon.

Allocated time sheets enable costs to be recorded and it is possible to track at any time when and by which resource which efforts were made to solve a task.

Manage data and documents

In addition to mapping the actual laboratory processes, diaLIMS offers a comprehensive system for the integrated management of all documentation requirements from the certifications - use the document module to manage all other QM-relevant documents.

Use the special function for automatic data import. Automatic data import can be carried out using a scanner via a barcode in the PDF, for example. All you have to do is scan a file and save it as a PDF and diaLIMS automatically assigns it to the correct data record (e.g. sample).

Our system offers you extensive filter and search options. With diaLIMS, you have the option of labelling documents by setting keywords, categorisations and hierarchy groups, allowing you to search better and find them faster.

Documents can also be versioned and, if required, a version history can be kept of all relevant documents.

This provides quality management officers with a single tool for organising all certification and audit-relevant information and data.


For every meeting that takes place in a company, minutes must typically be kept of the results and resulting tasks. Such minutes are often written as a text document and stored on the network. Tasks may be documented there, but an agent must actively read the tasks from the meeting minutes and carry them out.

If minutes are documented in diaLIMS, they are permanently available in a comprehensively filterable and fully searchable format. Tasks can be created for minutes, which automatically appear in the task list for the respective editor. This means that minutes from past meetings can always be found quickly and defined tasks are less likely to be overlooked.


All feedback that a company receives can be documented in the feedback management module.Feedback can be, for example, a complaint from a customer, a complaint to a supplier, a self-identified deviation or positive feedback from an employee or customer.

The system offers you extensive categorisation options for the processes as well as the transfer of tasks to other employees, e.g. for root cause analysis.

Trigger corrective measures, print quality deviation reports and access statistical analyses of the reasons for complaints.Integration with other diaLIMS modules is guaranteed (samples, batches, products).

Continuous improvement process - CIP

A company that is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, for example, must, among other things, explain which organisational measures have been defined so that continuous improvement can take place in all areas.

If systematic errors are identified in the course of audit deviations or customer complaints, suitable corrective measures must also be developed as part of the CIP. The implementation of these improvement measures must be documented and monitored.The diaLIMS CIP module helps with this step.

The list of CIP types can be customised to the company's own requirements, e.g. in the form of corrective measures, preventive measures or improvements.

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