Production planning and production control with diaLIMS

Many processes - one convenient solution

Our business software is a convenient and intelligent solution that supports you in the areas of production planning, production data acquisition (PDA) and production and has the functionalities of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Manage production recipes, create production orders with batches, document production progress, plan stage controls and much more with diaLIMS.

Feature overview

Production orders

  • Production order planning and control
  • Generation of production orders by entering the order with a specific batch quantity in an order list
  • Concrete assignment of production instructions to a workstation, weighing station, scale, production system, shift or employee group

Production planning

  • Production recipe management
  • Generate production orders from production recipes
  • Automated generation of all required batches for a production order
  • Generation of production documents
  • Generation of stage and process controls

Batch management

  • Documentation of batches in incoming goods, production process and outgoing goods
  • Direct link to laboratory samples and LIMS functionalities

Production support

  • Documentation of the actual raw material quantities and the process and procedure parameters used
  • Evaluation of throughput times for individual production steps
  • Allocation to raw material batches for graphical batch tracking

From recipe to production

The modules for batches, production orders and recipes can be optimally combined and work closely together.

This allows you to create specific orders for production, specifying the production recipe with machine-related batch sizes.

The system makes it easier for you to calculate quantities for production recipes. Organise existing production recipes, manage release processes and use our product management tool to optimally manage all raw materials and products in compliance with REACH and GHS.

Our system makes batch management and production planning easier for you, supports monitoring and quality assurance in production and ensures process safety.

Record, manage and trace batches

In batch management, a new batch is first registered and labelled with all the information required for identification (e.g. product, system, machine operator).

The raw material batches from which the production batch was created are recorded by specifying the corresponding batch bookings. All batches used in the production process can be conveniently viewed in the system.

Create an unlimited number of direct predecessor and successor batches, navigate easily through the entire batch hierarchy and carry out convenient batch tracing at any time.

Enter information about the product, recipe and desired production quantity and create production orders based on this.

All information is linked together and it is always possible to trace when which product was used and where possible sources of error are located - in the event of a product recall, the affected batches can be quickly identified. Not only batches produced in-house, but also batches supplied (raw materials, additives) can be traced.

Batch-based sample planning - simple and clear

Our system enables batch-based sample and analysis planning.

This makes it possible to request specific samples and analyses for specific batches. Associated samples can be viewed directly in the batches or opened in the sample module.

The generation of sampling plans is optimally supported by our software. Automatically plan regular sampling, create plans for production and define intervals depending on the number of batches and batch quantities.

Any number of samples can be created for each batch, which can be generated automatically according to the defined sampling plans.

The results for each sample can be recorded in a tabular view. This means that the user always has an overview of all the quality information for a batch. Use the traffic light function to check whether there is a limit or target value violation for a sample from the batch in question.

Planning and creating production orders

The combination of the production order planning and recipe management modules enables automatic batch calculation from stored recipes.

Create complete product parts lists and premixes with which batches, including the ingredients used, are automatically generated in the production order planning module. This allows you to control the production of premixes as part of your production order. Alternatively, you can also produce premixes based on stock.

To optimise on-time delivery, production start times can be calculated using stored throughput times. In production order planning, backdating to the latest production start date can be carried out based on the delivery date.

The throughput times in the various production stages are taken into account. In addition, the connection to merchandise management systems and ERP significantly simplifies the transfer of production orders, as well as the feedback of production details and stock booking.

Data acquisition

Production data acquisition (PDA) is also machine data acquisition (MDA) - diaLIMS covers both.

The diaLIMS PDC enables the automatic recording of environmental parameters or measurement data during the production period and the storage of this data for production. The data is transferred to the system, the connection is saved and the production history can be displayed.

The connection and transfer of data from a programmable logic controller (PLC) via ModBus or interface is possible.

The PLC can control the entire production process (hardware, software, motors, etc.) and read out and control all requests via diaLIMS.

Quality and process-relevant parameters can be recorded, monitored, controlled, checked via control charts and signalled with safety instructions via distributors.

Operating data can also be recorded manually. Employees can start specific work processes via diaLIMS terminals. Thanks to the system, other employees are informed during work preparation and production control that the process has been started.

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