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Storage management with diaLIMS

Use diaLIMS as a storage management system for samples, retained samples, specimens or laboratory chemicals. Document and manage the storage locations of batches and samples efficiently, optimise storage processes and record incoming goods quickly and effectively.

Feature overview

  • Define storage locations: unlimited storage place, limited storage place, coordinates with X- and Y-axis
  • Document batches or samples in the storage location
  • Define storage locations
  • Create storage locations
  • Create any number of deeply nested sub-storage locations
  • Hierarchical tree structure
  • Storage of data records via storage locations  
  • Documentation of storage/retrieval 

Define storage locations and storage positions

With our storage management system, you can define several interdependent storage locations (e.g. shelf1 - compartment1).

In the last level, storage positions are then created for the storage location, e.g. via x/y coordinates, where samples can be placed.

Samples are often sorted back and forth between existing storage locations.  The diaLIMS enables samples to be conveniently and easily relocated graphically in the storage management module.

Definition and display of storage locations

Use diaLIMS to create storage locations and display them grouped in hierarchical structures.

You have various options for defining a storage location: unlimited storage place (for countless batches or any number of samples), limited storage place (for a limited number of batches/samples) or via coordinates with X and Y axes.

Benefit from the graphical representation of the storage folders and the precise documentation, as every storage and retrieval operation is automatically documented by the system. This is particularly helpful and relevant for the localisation of hazardous substances, for example.

Best clarity with diaLIMS

Create hierarchies for your storage locations and add sub-storage locations, which can be nested to any depth in order to determine storage positions, data records and their spatial movements as precisely as possible.

This allows you to create tree structures of storage locations that represent organisational units of storage. Storage locations (for samples) can be mapped in several levels (e.g. room 1, refrigerator 2, shelf 3, position A).

Keeping an eye on samples

Would you like to know which laboratory department the sample is currently in or where it has already been?

This is easy for our system, as every sample movement via storage and retrieval automatically documents the sample's path.

You decide which module you want to use for storage.

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